About Us

Our mission in creating Twin Sixes Limited is to bridge the gap between artistic visionaries, and their aspiration of redefining modern aesthetics.  Through the fulfillment of this ongoing goal, it is our hope that these chosen gifted are not only fostered in an avenue towards creative excellence, but that we as a community can wear and share in this excellence, too.


During his senior year of college in 2018 Cameron Lee Brock was in the process of developing ideas for a clothing brand; Twin Sixes Limited.  The initial plan was to have hand painted designs digitally manipulated and printed onto clothing pieces, however, the selling point was to have each design printed onto only two items.  One painting would be featured on two clothing items of one buyer’s choice and would be made to their specifications.  The vision was to have exclusive clothes and designs made to order for two people only, to share, to match, to twin, and to have something with each other that no one else in the world had.  Once a design was sold it would never be printed again, as used designs would be cataloged and displayed online for reference, but would not be printed for clothing from that point on.  After an unfortunate falling out with his design partner and painter the idea was quickly put on pause and left alone.  Luckily it was only a matter of months before the idea was revived.


In early April of the same year, Benjamin Scott, a classmate and friend of Cameron, approached him with a well thought out and fully developed business proposition.  Outside of class he had been researching and studying entrepreneurial marketing concepts and had compiled a list of clothing manufacturers and producers as well as calculated profit margins of ad expenses with simulated sales and the general inner workings of running an online clothing store.  He had the intentions of beginning a net clothing brand.  The two soon after began meeting on a regular basis to discuss structure, climate, and branding.  In a very short time the beginnings of an organization were forming.


The initial concept of Twin Sixes Limited was then broken down and completely re-structured.  Cameron, at that point, had been running and operating the independent record label, Elyse Records, for just under five years.  Using this as reference the two agreed to adopt the same structure of a label. Rather than having one team of designers work towards one brand they decided to become a clothing label rather than an individual brand.  The concept revolved around signing numerous unique designers to form their own brands and collections, each with their own definitive style and purpose.  Rather than being one clothing brand, Twin Sixes Limited is a collection of many, and a home for artists to thrive with few limitations.


While Twin Sixes Limited concepts were in development mid November, it was restructured in early April with the partnership of Benjamin Scott and Cameron Lee Brock, and officially launched on September 1st, 2018.